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Federico Andahazi


Los Amantes bajo el Danubio



Budapest, 1944. Hanna and Bora are getting divorced and during their last stage as a couple they made a day trip for hunting, accompanied by their driver Tibor, crossing the old Bridge of the Chains, that united Buda and Pest. When they are been inspected at the security station a German Official recognizes Bora and remembers their War times in Turkey, in 1926.


Bora was a Hungarian official and a recognized painter. He met Hanna, a Jewish girl, when they were teenagers and had an intense relationship that overcame family issues and the War but was broken because her infidelity. They got married with new couples and during the German invasion to Budapest have to share the house and confront the past and their feelings.



“The perfume of the bitter orange trees, that she planted years ago, returned her breath and brought her a flood of memories. With a contained anguish and the excitement of being sheltered at the home in which she had been so happy, Hanna began to mourn as she did when she was a child” - Page 17

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